Killing us Softly 4 Advertising’s image of women


Watch the film stated above and answer the following questions.
Tell us what you believe to be the overall purpose of the film. What primary message are they trying to convey?
2) Discuss at least two issues (or micro-issues/subtopics) explored in the film, and provide at least two
quotations regarding each. Please give attribution to your quotations (is it the narrator speaking or someone in
the film such as an interviewee or character, and what is the person’s name/title?)
3) Feel free to critique the film. How well do they achieve their goal? What biases, if any, do you see in the
4) Consider again the issues explored in the film. Where, if at all, did you find yourself standing on said issues,
and where do you find yourself standing now after having watched the film? Did the film bring new issues to
light for you or shed a new light on those issues?
5) If you were to work on creating an updated version of the film for 2020, what would you include?


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