Kinesiology class.




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Write self evaluation paper for kinesiology class.
1. Introduction:
a. Begin with an opening statement, write your content in a clear, succinct manner, and end with a concluding statement.
b. Importance of kinesiology and the objectives you achieved this year. (the list of objectives is attached below that we were suppose to achieve this semester)
c. Thesis statement involving the body paragraph.
Describe the major learning events related to course content/information you learned in this class.
a. Describe learning online and it’s impacts on the kinesiology course.
b. Explain how this class brought into attention to materials related to kinesiology (jobs, professions, departments.
Identify a career path in Health and Human Performance that you are most interested in at this point in your education. Specifically, what is your background in this career-path and what are your future goals.
What could you have done yourself to improve your efforts/learning during this semester for this class?
a. Been more available to the course.
b. Missed few quizzes because i got behind on course work
c. use your own reasons of improvement through online learning.
5. Conclusion:
Restate and explain these, benefits of kinesiology and how its importance.

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