Kitchenette era and the era of social/ public housing



Compare and contrast the kitchenette era and the era of social/ public housing in terms of systems of containment: what strategies were used, what logics were deployed and what effects did they have.
In relation to the discussions on public health in Chapter 5, how does mobility (or lack thereof) act as a source of risk for the prison community and the larger African-American community?
How did the expressions of black masculinity within the prison system change during the drug war era (Chapter 4)? Choose at least two models of black masculinity and discuss their influences, priorities and behaviors as well as how they were responses to carceral power.
Drawing upon Shabazz’s definition of carceral power, explore how the logics/practices of carceral power play out in Toronto or another city. Compare and contrast this with how carceral power was practiced in Chicago according to Shabazz. (You may choose to discuss different systems of segregation, access to basic resources (such as water and food insecurities), health inequities, or any other theme tied to carceral power.

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