Leadership self-analysis

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Leadership self-analysis
Self-Assessment Instruments

To analyze your leadership style, you must complete four of the following self-assessment instruments and discuss them in your paper. [There is no need to provide copies of your test results.] All of instruments can be found in the textbook. Each includes scoring instructions

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  1. Introduction (a paragraph)
  1. Self-reflection answering the following questions (3-4 pages)
  2. Self-learning/current leadership style. How would you describe your leadership

style? What are some things you learned about yourself from the self-assessment

instruments that you completed? What do your self-assessment instrument results

tell you about your leadership style? Were there any surprises? What might be

particular strengths that you have based on your leadership style? What might be

particular challenges that you face in the workplace based on your leadership style?

(NOTE: Be sure to define what is measured by each of the self-assessment

instruments you choose to use; then, give a specific example from your life/                                        experience to illustrate phenomena measured by each instrument.)

  1. Self-reflection/aspirational leadership style. What kind of a leader do you want to

become? Are there “role models” that you would like to be like? Are there particular areas you feel need your attention?

  1. Action Plan. What are some concrete steps that you might take to move closer to the kind of leader you would like to become?   What actions can you take while in the MBA program to develop the areas that you believe will be beneficial to you?
  1. Summary/conclusion (a paragraph or two)

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