In your project, you will develop a personal and professional development plan outlining your goals. Research shows that setting goals helps high achievement by giving you something concrete to work toward. One of the most effective ways to set a goal is to use the SMART philosophy, where you set a specific, measurable, aggressive but attainable, and relevant goal that you can achieve within a specific time frame.


Use the SMART Goals Template to draft at least one personal goal based on what you’ve learned about yourself through self-assessment and your values, mission and vision, etc. Reflect on how you will measure your attainment of each goal. Consider how much time will you allow to achieve each goal and how you will define success.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

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  • Ensure the goal is specific.
  • Ensure the goal is measurable.
  • Ensure the goal is attainable.
  • Ensure the goal is relevant.
  • Ensure the goal has a time frame.


Here is my career Goal :

Information Technology

Entry-level careers in IT range from help desk roles to analysts. Most organizations today require IT roles to support their business practices and systems, so this is a field with career potential and growth.

  • Computer Technician: Repair computers or other technological devices for a computer repair shop, technology retailer or large organization like a university
  • Help Desk Technicians: Serve as the first line of defense in troubleshooting technical problems for colleagues, clients or customers
  • IT Support Analyst: Leverage IT knowledge and ability to interpret data to assist in improving technical operations within an organization
  • System/Network Administrator: Maintain a system or network, working with vendors and internal stakeholders to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently

Many mid-level careers in IT can be grouped into main categories of databases, networks, security and operations.


MGT _ SMART Goals Template


Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. First fill in the “Goal Aspects” column in the table below. Then enter your SMART goal in the space provided.


SMART Aspect Prompts Goal Aspects
Specific Be clear and concise:


  • Who: You! Will anyone else help you?
  • What: Be specific! Details, details, details.
  • Where: Is there a specific place (or virtual place)?
  • Why: What’s your motivation?
[Insert text.]
Measurable Numeric (e.g., 9, ½) or descriptive (e.g., full, complete, have certificate in my hands)


How much? How many?


How will I know when the goal has been achieved?

[Insert text.]
Attainable Are you willing to do this?


Are you able to do this?

[Insert text.]
Relevant * How does this relate to your life?


How does it align with your broader goals or your company’s broader goals?

[Insert text.]
Timely Is this a short-term goal (e.g., one day, two weeks, three months)?


Is this a long-term goal (e.g., one year, five years, ten years)?


Add a calendar date!

[Insert text.]


* In the text, R is referred to as “realistic.” Different sources use different words for each aspect of this acronym.




[Insert your SMART goal here.]