Lessons from internship




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What did you learn from your internship/job that can be applied to your MBA?
Please submit a 2-3 page paper (Experiential Learning Essay) at the end of the term detailing how your
current MBA course/s relate to your internship experience.
In order to fulfill the requirements of the assignment and to earn as many points possible, it is important that
you address each of the following items (Note: Please review the rubric below in order to identify the
percentage of points associated with each bullet points below):
Identify the two courses currently taken (The syllabus for the two courses is attached)
Provide the title of the position at work/internship (Accountant in a startup company)
Describe work-related responsibilities (See below)
Relate your current MBA courses to their present work and/or your future career goals
Organize and write the essay in your own words so that the professor can see that you understand the
material and are able to apply it
Main job responsibilities:
Monitor and control cash flow of the company.
Create and update the cashflow forecast and monitor/report the difference between the actual and forecast.
Help the organization to meet the short and long-term funding needs based on approved budget.
Loan and debt management
Procurement and more…

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