Low homicide numbers in the US,

Low homicide numbers in the US. Q1. Given that the ‘terrorism’ contributes to low homicide numbers in the US, assess whether it is a significant domestic threat? Q2. Discuss what ideologically inspired extremist individuals or groups are currently seen as a domestic ‘terrorist,’ thre You must answer both Q1 and Q2. ‘ in a 4-5 page (about 1500 word) research paper each, which must have thesis in the first paragraph and citation of sources according to APA7. There will not be a penalty for those going over the word count by 10 % (150 words for each section) but those below the requirement by a similar amount may attract a penalty. For a good paper, you must cite at least one appropriate (peer – reviewed or primary source) for 150 words. In other words, for each section ‘A’ or ‘B’, that translates to 10 appropriate sources. It follows that fewer appropriate citations will attract lower grades, and the minimum requirement for each question is 5 peer-reviewed sources. You must provide a reference list at the end of each section. The paper should be written in paragraph form and submitted on D2L in Word, 12 point Ariel font, justified, with 1.5 line spacing. D2L does not always recognise other formats. Pages should be numbered.

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