Luther’s Testimony



Write a 400-500-word essay on the nature of the history of Luther’s famous quote, “Here I stand,” before the
Diet of Worms.
Read the account of Luther’s testimony before the Diet of Worms here (Links to an external site.). Focus
especially on the last section of the reading entitled “Note on Luther’s ‘Here I Stand, etc.’” discussing the
disagreement about Luther’s actual response to the council.
Discuss the following:
1. Is history actually what literally happened, or is it an interpretation of events? Give examples from your
reading, then find a modern example which reflects your perspective.
2. Are Luther’s exact words the key issue? Why or why not?
3. Assume for a moment that the reported response of Luther is not what he actually said. Are the words
attributed to Luther consistent enough with Luther’s attitudes and actions to be considered “history”? Why or
why not?

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