M6 Written Assignment – The Reform Conundrum Considering Medicare for All

Conversations about Universal Health Care coverage have been around for a long time and of course, re-surfaced in 2016 when it became a signature issue in the presidential campaign with the introduction of the policy idea of “Medicare for All”. In this written assignment you will discuss and evaluate the varying perspectives associated with this policy. In a 3-5 page well-developed and substantiated paper address the following critical points: What are the “Pros” and “Cons” of this proposal in terms of access, costs, and quality? Be specific. Evaluate the potential impact of its proposed health care structure, function, and financing. What do you think will be its effect on vulnerable populations including children, the disabled and women? Consider any potential impacts on overall patients, providers, insurers, employers, the economy. What do you think is the feasibility of implementing it? What may be some potential barriers to doing so? What might be the impact of public opinion? Present a well developed and substantiated conclusion that demonstrates your position on this matter

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