Making Money in Music Industry

Making Money in Music Industry Taking the position of a “successful” music publishing company and a. Give a brief summary of the most common types of Songwriting/Publishing Deals you may be negotiating with potential songwriters/composers. b. What is the ownership breakdown? c. What approvals and rights are involved in each? d. What are the key terms that may differ between each? e. Then pick the type of deal that, in your opinion, most closely aligns the potential earnings of your clients with your ability to earn money in the larger marketplace. In short, what type of deal will help you both make money? f. Give an explanation as to why. The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course/in school/in this field/in professional life beyond school: o Understanding concepts of how a songwriter or publisher generates income in the music industry. o Synthesizing various pieces of information to identify a successful deal structure or revenue stream. o Analyzing where the current market opportunity is. o Evaluating the effectiveness of a publisher/songwriter income strategy

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