Managing inventory levels through understanding demand signals

Project:- 1) Introduction (utility companies operation stocks). – Utility industry operations from purchasing material,contracting, and maintaining. – To specifically facing the challenges of managing the problem of total cost of ownership/operating. – Current ineffecient practices can be used as an example of the problem such as the delays and high cost of utilizing the resources such as high inventories. 2) The problem managing complex multiple importing,assembly contracts to achive safe just in time operations and maintainance,specificall for the case of having demand signals of power distribution projects to come and there long term management. linking municiapality site plans all the way to the required material availability and the required maintainance materials through out the cable operating life. 3) Lead time management to achive streamlined Just in time operations throughout the total operation journey. 4) Solution sections to manage are as follows : ERP demand to MRP link,Projects management (planning and resource utilization and Logistics plan). (Better inventory control minimum safe re-orders)(scheduling of purchase cycles)(Multiple 3PL solutions)(common data links)(data links through out the sellers/contractors). 5) Present the solution as an example of a (small project) (A new planned zoned area where the distribution company is required to build the area power distribution infrastructre. Specifically the power cables, transformers,and other components which is part of the distribution company. 6) The example briefly can be the estimation of the required materials for the area which is based on the approved building requests. Where by the distribution company have to have a minimum safe inventory,and the ability to formulate directly the project plan in a streamlined flow of materials. which the distribution company will be responsible to acquire/store/use/dispose. 7) The required metrics (Which metrics are most important to design the solution) to visualize such operation, the most efficient resources and there distribution in terms of kralji graph. The available hardware to enable the software. 8) Conclusion of on how the solution metrics can output a more relevant useful MRP. 9) Highly presentable professional Power point.Preferable the use of gantt charts as well. –