Managing the Classroom- Academic Integrity/Plagiarism

Please read each case study and respond to the questions that follow.

Case Study 3A


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Managing the Classroom- Academic Integrity/Plagiarism


Dr. Tao teaches at a medium sized university with classes of about 50 students. He primarily teaches research methods/statistics and the senior seminar course. Students may use calculators on exams in the research methods/statistics course. On past exams, he noticed that several students were using calculators on cell phones rather than using actual calculators. He is considering reevaluating his policy on calculator use.

1. Why might Dr. Tao be concerned about students using cell phones as calculators on exams?

2. Is there a way for Dr. Tao to monitor the students’ cell phone use during an exam?

3. What suggestions can you make for Dr. Tao’s new policy?

Case Study 3B


Managing the Classroom-Academic Integrity/Plagiarism


Ms. Wheeler teaches online for a private university. She has noticed that students have been doing very well on her exams and some of the short answers are almost exactly the same as the answers on her key. She begins to search online and finds out that there are websites in which students can share exam answers and even purchase papers. Unfortunately, she finds out that many of her exams and assignments are listed on these websites. She’s devastated to learn that students have been cheating and that her course materials are now compromised.


1. How should Ms. Wheeler approach this situation with her current students?

2. What type of policy should she put in place that might prevent this from happening in the future?

3. Is there anything that Ms. Wheeler can do in order to get the websites to remove her materials? You might want to visit one of these sites and see if there are any policies posted.

4. How often should instructors change their exam questions?

Please view the Blooms Taxonomy Action Verbs to assist with this assignment.