Market operations

1. Based on your analysis, what are the opportunities and challenges for
IKEA in their market operations in (a) China; and (b) Japan?
(Wordage: 1000. Weight: 25%)
2. In reference to Topic 6, discuss the market entry strategies that IKEA adopt
in China and Japan respectively.
(Wordage: 1000. Weight: 25%)
3. In reference to Topic 4 & 5, what are IKEA product, pricing, marketing
communication and distribution decisions in the two Asian markets? To
what extent these marketing mixes have been adapted to the preferences
and needs of these markets?
(Wordage: 1000. Weight: 25%)
4. For each of these markets, plan, discuss and justify what, in your opinion,
IKEA’s marketing strategy should be in the near future to gain market
shares and achieve higher profitability.
(Wordage: 1000. Weight: 25%)