Marketing case analysis Netflix.

Marketing case analysis: Netflix. Write a case analysis paper covering the following items. Attached is the case along with the article and case questions, also an example essay of how the case should be structured. ITEMS TO BE COVERED: Primary Marketing Issues and Problems: Comprehensively summarize the case and clearly identify the business issues/problems with thorough discussions and a full understanding of the issues/problems indicated in the case. Netflix uses technology to change how we watch videos Case Discussion Questions: Answer the case discussion questions thoroughly with relevant marketing concepts/theories/examples from the previous chapters (Chs. 1~3) and provide comprehensive and clear development and evaluation of marketing/business solutions, and/or alternatives to resolve business problems discussed in the case. Marketing Strategy Recommendations: Present well-reasoned & insightful marketing strategy recommendations and implementation methods supported by comprehensive and reliable evidence and/or data for the company featured in the case. Current and Future Implications of the Recommended Marketing Ideas: Identify current as well as future implications and consequences of the recommendations/decisions you suggested. Fostering Market Orientation: Thoroughly explain how the interrelationships between the different parts and functions of the company can maximize positive outcomes with customers and suppliers in a competitive market. Examples of Global Marketing: Thoroughly discuss global business practices of the company featured in the case with relevant examples and evidence. Examples of Socially Responsible Business Practices: Thoroughly discuss socially responsible business practices of the company featured in the case with relevant examples and evidence.

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