Marketing Objectives for Sling TV



Three main Marketing Objectives of Sling TV are as followed:
Writer must state these three objectives clearly and answer the questions as followed.
*Must have at least 4 references*
1.) Target Young Urban Professionals, college students, and gain at least 30-40% of the streaming market in
the next 12 months in these two young cities –
Amount of people streaming in Austin? Colorado?
At least one paragraph should be written on Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado with facts supporting how
many young urban professionals there are that currently stream. Need quotes and references on how large the
Young Urban Professional Market and streaming is in these two cities.
2.) Advertising Campaign that reaches 50-100 million people in the next 12 months
What will the campaign be?
How will we advertise?
How do we reach Young Urban Professionals and College Students?
How do we reach Frugal consumers?
Finally how do we reach consumers 50 and up?
3.) Generate 1 million new subscribers in the next twelve months
How will we do this?
What will be the Subscriber acquisition cost for 1 million subs
Your objectives (goals) must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based

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