Mass Surveillance Media.

Mass Surveillance Media. Analytical Reflection 3 is based on Mass Media Surveillance. Students are to watch the movie Snowden and write an Analytical Reflection about it. What did you lean about Mass Media Surveillance? What is your perspective on that after watching the movie? What measure will you take moving forward to ensure your safety in such society. Ressources Writing Guidelines The paper must be APA ( Double space, 12 Front, Times New Roman, include Cover page & Reference Page) Refer to Minimum of 5 pages (Cover page & Reference page not included) Minimum of 3 outside sources Use Headings Do not use abbreviations Use Transition words Proofread drafts for grammatical errors and punctuations Do not copy and paste Paraphrase to avoid plagiarism Students are allowed to submit their draft to professor for review before submitting final draft Take advantage of additional resources at your disposition such as writing center.


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