Measuring Conversion

Discussion Question 1: Measuring Conversion

The conversion of your website has risen considerably in the past month. Your manager gives you the following problem statement and asks you to use the ABC model to analyze the cause of the improvement so that he has hard figures to present to the management.

‘The conversion went from 1.5% to 2% last month. The target segment for young people aged 18-24 years scored a conversion of 4%, the segment 25-34-year olds scored 2% and the segments 35-44 and 45-54 years old scored 1% each. It would seem that the introduction of dynamic content, where younger visitors are shown something different to older ones, was a success. In addition, an adaptive site was chosen, so that the display on smartphones is now more attractive. It is unclear which the increased conversion should be attributed to: the improved display of the website on smartphones, the dynamic content, or both.’

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What does your step-by-step plan look like? Please substantiate your answer.

Discussion Question 2: Social Media Monitoring

Look up the most important free social media monitoring programs online. Choose three and enter the name of your educational institution. What exactly do the programs measure? Do they measure the ratios that Kaushik mentions? What strikes you as the best program and for what reason?

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