Media Literacy


a.. Choose one of the three theorists we have just studied ( McLuhan, Meyrowitz or Winston)
b). Once you have chosen, review your information about this theorist, so you are clear on his main ideas and
any special terms he uses .
c). Then ,choose a media technology from the 20th or 21st century that you see as being a failure in some way.
The choice is up to you, .Then learn ( or brush up on) some of the basic details of how this technology came
into being, its role in society and how and why it has failed -over time.
Choose a media technology from the 20th 0r 21st century that you see as a clear success. Follow the same
steps as in the failure option, above, but explain in your chosen theorist’s terms how and why this technology
as successes over time.
d. Finally, using this information, describe the emergence , development and death – or clear success- of your
technology using the concepts and terms your chosen theorist would use. Put yourself inside the mind of the
theorist and write from his point of view. It is ok to speculate in this essay, of course, but try to adhere to the
thinking of your theorist

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