Memory principles


memory principles from the text to make the improvement. You might, for example, strive to improve performance on tests, to recall important dates, to remember people’s names following introductions, or to reduce absentminded actions, such as misplacing keys or a wallet.

After implementing your plan, please write a short paper (about two pages, double-spaced) in which you describe

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the aspect of memory you targeted for improvement (and why),
the memory principles or strategies you used (including the rationale behind them), and
any results (positive or negative) from applying these techniques. If you did not have time to apply the techniques, write about what results you expect.
Please make it look simple and don’t use sources other than the PPT and the book if you needed it (Zimbardo, P.G., Johnson, R.L., & McCann, V. (2017).Psychology: Core concepts(8thed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon)

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