Explain the Issue
In 200-300 words, describe the topic you have chosen to explore. Why is it important to consider this topic? What do you hope to learn in your research? Share your research questions.

Examine Assumptions
In 200-300 words, after reviewing your Writing Assignment Worksheet, what assumptions were identified about the topic? What was the origin of these assumptions? In other words, what helped to shape them?

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Research Summary
In 200-300 words, provide a summary of what you have learned regarding your selected topic, and specifically address what you have learned about your research question(s).

Examine Perspectives
In 200-300 words, after reviewing the relevant psychological perspectives provided by your instructor, compare and contrast at least two psychological perspectives. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective. Describe how each can be applied in explaining your selected topic.

In 200-300 words, during your research, were you confronted with information that caused you to reexamine assumptions surrounding your topic? Please elaborate. What insights have you gained about your thinking, behavior, attitudes, or beliefs? How has your thinking about this topic shifted? Describe how your shift in thinking may impact you in your future personal, academic, and/or professional life.

Establish a Conclusion
In 200-300 words, what conclusions have you made regarding your topic and research questions? What new questions have emerged as a result of your research? What future research is needed on this topic, and why?





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