Mental Health



A) Watch History and Uses of Focus Group Discussions. (Links to an external
Answer the following questions:
A1) What are some types of questions that are well suited for focus groups?
A2) What types of information do focus groups tend to elicit better than individual interviews?
A3) Name three challenges of conducting focus groups.
A4) Come up with a question that you think you would be interested in discussing in a focus group.
B) Watch
Mental Health Focus Group. (Links to an external site.)
B1) Name three themes that came up in the discussion that were most interesting to you. Do not just write
immigration, family pressure, stigma, etc. Go into more detail about what was specifically said about those
B2) How do you think that the selection of people from similar ethnic groups and age affected the discussion?
How might you imagine this group would have been different if the group had not been as homogenous in
these ways?

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