Mental Health Nursing

Title: Reflective Writing task
Rationale: Reflective practice is the capacity to reflect on action to engage in a process of continuous learning, which is one of the defining characteristics of professional practice (Schon, 1983).

1. Please use the attached article: “Nursing Students’ Attitudes Towards People Diagnosed with Mental Illness and Mental Health Nursing: An International Project from Europe and Australia” for this assessment article attached and read. (file uploaded)

2. Write a 3000-word reflection on the article.

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3. The reflection should include the following.
✓ An introduction, an outline and a summary of your article
✓ A description of your feelings in relation to the article.
✓ An analysis of any issues in the article that you feel are new to you or different to your previous learnings and understanding of mental health care.
✓ An outline of any changes in your understanding and/or behaviour as a result of reading and
reflecting on this article,
✓ An explanation of your learnings from this article that may contribute to your professional
nursing practice.
✓ Please use a minimum of 15 references (peer reviewed research articles and books/ literature to support the argument. These references must be between the 7-9 years old) and from credible research databases such as Medline and CINAHL.

Rubric is attached to assist with requirements, please follow this specifically.