Mental illness

Description The goal of this task is for you to reflect on, and appraise a learning experience that you have been involved in either during this course, or on a recent clinical placement that involved a person with mental illness. Using a reflective model of your choice, critically reflect on how this experience has impacted on your learning in relation to the care of someone with mental illness, and consider how this has had implications for your future learning and clinical practice. (A) What can I base my reflection on? • Everyone can choose to base their reflection on either (a) a recent clinical experience; OR (b) any multi-media video used throughout this course here on Blackboard (a YouTube clip, a TED talk, a documentary). You will need to choose option (b) if you have not had any recent clinical experience. If you choose a multi-media source, you may reflect on a specific part of the video, or the video as a whole (make this clear to your marker). This source does not need to be referenced. • If you choose to reflect on a clinical experience, it must involve a person with a mental illness. It cannot involve an aged care or palliative care experience, a person with dementia related behaviours, or an experience involving a family member or friend with mental illness.