Mental Triggers Worksheet

In the Module 1 video, Time Management Fundamentals (Crenshaw, 2018), you were asked to complete several worksheets to help you improve your time management skills. In this video, Crenshaw (2018) identified multitasking as switch tasking and noted this practice as a thief.

After completing the Mental Triggers worksheet and the Gathering Points worksheet, both attached, prepare a short essay addressing the following points:

  • List your Mental Triggers and corresponding task(s) as directed in the  Mental Triggers  Worksheet.
  • Identify and record the number of Gathering Points found in your Total Box from the  Time Management Fundamentals   Gathering Points
  • Identify and record your Target Total from this Worksheet.
  • Briefly describe your plans to reach the Target Total.
  • Describe at least one takeaway from the video training course that you will apply and continue to use throughout your education

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