Mergers and Acquisitions



Create a 10-year (minimum) pro forma income statement and balance sheet for the target. My target is
General Motors. I uploaded the file. Submission files: Excel file only.
• Use your assumptions from Week 3 to forecast a pro forma income statement and balance sheet.
• You may choose to do a statement of cash flows, but it is not required.
• All your calculations should link to the assumptions you made using Excel formulas. You must create a fully
functioning financial model that will automatically update if any assumptions are changed.
• Your balance sheet must balance using appropriate Excel formulas.
• You will be turning in your Excel sheets, so make sure everything is clearly labeled and the formulas are
accessible by the instructor. Your process should be clear and your worksheets should be well organized. You
can make use of cell comments and/or text boxes, or put very short explanations into nearby cells.
• Both your income statement and balance sheet numbers should make economic sense, so you may need to
go back and change some of your assumptions so that your results are realistic. For example, a
firm can’t have zero cash, and it is highly unlikely that the firm’s cash will be a large proportion of its total

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