MKT-511-Summer-2017Value for the Customer1. The five core customer and marketplace concepts

Assignments-01-MKT-511-Summer-2017Value for the Customer:1.

The five core customer and marketplace concepts are critical to success: (1)needs, wants, and demands; (2) marketing offers (products, services, andexperiences); (3) value and satisfaction; (4) exchanges and relationships; and (5)markets.Take a look at Sea Ray boats (Use Web Resource here).Answer the following questions.a.b.c.d. What needs, wants, and/or demands is Sea Ray attempting to fill?

MKT-511-Summer-2017Value for the Customer:1.

Describe their marketing offers.Describe the relationships they have with their customers.What are their markets? 2. One of the great new “marketplaces” of our time is eBay. Spend some time onthe eBay website ( Find a product that you are interested in andfollow the bidding. How much would you be willing to pay? Consider the followingquestions.a. How is eBay providing value to its customers?b. Describe the relationship they have with their customers.c. What are their markets?Marketing Environment:1.

MKT-511-Summer-2017Value for the Customer:1.

Go online and compare the marketing strategies of McDonald’s(, Wendy’s (, and Burger King( What age group is each targeting?2. Do you agree with their strategy? (Use Web Resource,,, here).3. Take a look at Apple’s website. What, if anything, do you see them doing to tryand remain successful as the economy softens and consumers become morehesitant to make purchases? (Use Web Resource here). *****

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