Modernist arts

1) articulate a claim: For example, why do these things go together, what is the central idea/narrative? What does this narrative differ from other modernist narratives?

2) It will also require you to write in detail about specific pieces of art, films, texts – how are they connected to your exhibition’s central claim/narrative and how are they connected to the central ideas/narratives of the course?

3) What is the motive of the exhibition? Why should anyone go to it or read it? What are the stakes? In what ways does accepting your claim/narrative help the audience understand something new about “modernism?” Why is it not just interesting but important?

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This is what I’ll be looking for you to articulate and write about when I grade your papers.

With these papers I don’t want to overly define in advance what you should write. There will be ample time in class and outside of class to discuss what your paper will be about. However, a few general examples: 1) A version of the Modernist Exhibition in which you use materials we’ve already looked at in class but create your own theme with/through them; 2) A Modernist Exhibition in which you use some of the course materials but bring in materials we haven’t discussed, of which there are many. Do not write on a contemporary piece of art and not discuss it’s relation to the course. I want to see that you’ve been thinking about our class discussions.

You will be required to cite sources, and especially outside sources if you’re using things that are not class assigned materials. Do not plagiarize! If in doubt, cite! You may ask me about this if you’re uncertain. There is not a specific citation system that you have to use, but it needs to be consistent. Consult this website:

You can/should include images, sketches, etc. But they do not replace the word count.

LATE Papers will be reduced 1/3 of a Letter Grade the first day, and a full grade for each subsequent late day.

Finally, have fun, experiment, and do something that you find interesting since that will make it more interesting for your audience.



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