Module 04 Course Project – Familial Influence Analysis

 For your presentation, you have already completed a case study about your client/group, the theoretical analysis of your client’s behavior using a biological, psychological, and social perspective, and a discussion of the role of values in your client’s behavior. Now you need to discuss your client’s familial influence on behavior.  Since this project is about a case study you have created, you will need to create family influence on your client’s behavior. Think about what families go through and how it affects individual behavior and use your ideas to help explain your client.

When considering family influence, there are several ways to analyze it. You can use a concept from Family Systems Theory, family structure, or parenting style to describe the client’s behavior and give an analysis of it. For your presentation, you need to choose and present one aspect of familial influence.

Family Systems Theory:

The family systems theory has eight concepts it uses to analyze families and their interactions. If using family systems theory to analyze your client, choose a minimum of one concept to explain their behavior.

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Family Structure:

This considers the diverse forms of families and the implications for its members. Choose from traditional, blended, single-parent, same-sex, or foster-parent and explain how this structure influenced client behavior.

Parenting Style:

The type of parenting style a person grows up with has a great influence on behavior. Use one of the following categories to help analyze client behavior: authoritative, authoritarian or disciplinarian, indulgent or permissive, and uninvolved.


In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, write a summary of the familial influence on your client’s behavior. Address the following:

  1. Identity the familial influence on the client’s behavior.
  2. Select one (1) aspect of familial influence (Family Systems Theory, Family Structure, or Parenting Style) for analysis.
  3. Provided an overview of the analysis and why this aspect was chosen.
  4. Implement a least one (1) credible resource and include one (1) intext citation.
  • Include any resources you used on the reference page.