Module 3 Discussion: Libertarianism v. Hard Determinism and Compatibilism



Module 3’s discussion questions will focus upon the content of our textbook’s Chapter 2: Section 2.5-2.8.

Early and continuing participation in these ongoing online “class discussions” is expected throughout the entire duration of each Module. I strongly recommend reading and contributing to these discussions on at least three days a week, every week.

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This discussion forum will close at the end of Module 3, after which time no additional discussion posts may be submitted.

Discussion Question A

Determinism and Libertarianism: In what respects does determinism challenge the idea of free will? Likewise, why do libertarians believe that the determinism is false? Ultimately, is the libertarian right that free will and determinism are incompatible, or is free will an illusion? Please consider arguments and examples from the text to help support your points.

Discussion Question B

Compatibilism and Hard Determinism: Assuming that determinism is true, which theory best explains the problem of moral responsibility – hard determinism or compatibilism? Please consider arguments and examples from the text to help support your points.

  1. First, respond to EACH of the two Module 3 Discussion Questions presented above (both questions A & B).
  2. Then, provide additional subsequent followup responses to posts submitted by others (your fellow students, and/or myself) in BOTH of the subsequent discussion threads that will begin to develop and unfold as this Module proceeds.
  3. Respond to 2 peers (150 words each)

Reading and reference to help with assignment:[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3DChapter02-01]!/4/2/12/10/14/4/2/2%4054:54