Morrisa Nia and Claremont Communities


Morrisa Nia and Claremont, zip code 10456 in the Bronx. Attach you will find assignment #3 to add info to this project which was also written by you.
This research project is about a New York City neighborhood and must be presented in a PowerPoint, including charts/photos. The project will build on information gathered for Assignment #3.

As part of the assignment, complete the following:

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1.Describe how the community has changed over the past 50-70 years (population, crime rates, poverty) (20%)
2.Describe the issues confronting the community and how they have been impacted by New York politics (lack of resources/city funds, lack education, and policing) (20%)
3.Focus on a current policy initiative and explain the problem it is meant to address (Mayor di Blasio, Governor Cuomo, and Vanessa L. Gibson council) (20%)
4.Describe the constituency being served by the initiative (minority groups, Hispanics and African Americans)(20%)
5.Assess the effectiveness of the initiative (20%)


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