Mrs. Dalloway and Gulliver’s Travels



English literature has produced some of the most well-known written works in the world and continues to influence literature today. In this course, you’ve read the works of different influential English authors such as Shakespeare and Chaucer and learned about different literary movements throughout history. Write an 800-1200-word essay about it.

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Some of the works on the reading list for this course took place in a single location, while others took place in many. Compare one work that took place entirely (or primarily) in the same location (MRS. DALLOWAY by Virginia Woolf) and one that took place in many (GULLIVER’S TRAVELS by Jonathan Swift).

COMPARE BOTH BOOKS (in regards to setting) and answer the questions below in the essay.

How do the authors of these works use location in the text to further the story or influence the reader?

Do the locations serve any kind of symbolic purpose?



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