New product development – innovation at 3m corp.

Reference Article: Innovation at 3M Corporation (A) Rev. July 23, 2002 – by Stefan Thomke  (Havard Business School)

1. How has 3M’s innovation process evolved since the company was founded? Why, if at all, does 3M known as a “hothouse” of innovation, need to regain its historic closeness to the customer? 

2. How does the Lead User research process differ from and complement other traditional market research methods? 

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3. Has the Medical-Surgical team applied Lead user research successfully? Why or why not? 

4. What should the Medical-Surgical Lead User team recommend to Dunlop: the three new product concepts or a new business strategy? What are the risks to the new Lead User process at 3M? What are the risks to the Medical-Surgical business unit? 


12 pt font

3-4 pages 

double space

1 in margins 

GIS method is preferred

GIS Method:

•Identify the most important goal for the business, given the facts presented in the case. 

–A goal must be specific and measurable. 

•Describe the impediment (firm or consumer behavior) that must change for the firm to achieve the goal you have specified. 

•Craft a solution, the plan to overcome the stated impediment to achieve the goal.