“Notes of a Native Son” by James Baldwin


2. Re-read the essay you have chosen and annotate how the writer speaks to his/her audience

3. Analyze 3-4 specific passages

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4. Explain what this essay meant to you and connect it with a specific event in your life (you may refer to your Essay#1)



5. Chose any of the following in order to develop your body paragraphs


A. Identify how the writer introduces him/herself


B. Explain who the writer is speaking to and how you know.


C. How does the author use emotion to capture the audience’s attention?

D. Why did the writer write this essay?

E. How does the writer use context?


F. How does he/she use evidence in order to support the argument?

G. What is the writer’s attitude toward the subject?

H. How can you identify with the writer?

6. Explain what you think by justifying your critique.

7. Discuss how you are able to connect to this experience by providing a specific example from your own life.



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