NSB132 Integrated Nursing Practice


Question 1: Clinical Skills And Communication

A priority problem for Mr Shepherd demonstrated in the video was the increased risk of aspiration related to dysphagia.

a. Describe the signs exhibited by Mr Shephard that suggested he has dysphagia. Explain the pathophysiology behind why Mr Shepherd is at risk of aspiration and support your discussion using assessment data and other information from Mr Shepherd’s medical documents and evidence from peer reviewed literature.

b. Briefly discuss how nurse Margie assessed for the risk of aspiration and make recommendations for additional assessments relating to dysphagia and aspiration that should have been conducted.

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c. Describe and justify using peer reviewed evidence three nursing interventions that should be implemented to reduce the risk of Mr Shepherd aspirating.

d. Using peer revewed evidence to support your position, briefly discuss how the actions of nurse Margie, in relation to the identification and reporting of Mr Shepherd’s risk of aspiration to nurse Jo, could have impacted Mr Shepherd and his ongoing care.

Question 2: Effective Communication: Handover

Nurse Margie’s handover to nurse Jo consisted of ‘All good, he’s been great, I’m popping off to lunch’ which was not an accurate summary of the care provided over that period. Using the ISBAR (Identification, Situation,Background, Recommendations) framework, write the verbal handover that should have been given by nurse Margie.

It must be obvious that the ISBAR framework has been used and the use of the ISBAR subheadings is required. Your recommendations should include additional assessments that need to be conducted, precautions to be taken and referrals to other members of the health care team required.