NSG3EPN Engagement In Professional Nursing


This assignment is divided into 3 parts:

1. Reflect on how organisational structure and organisational culture can affect the safety of person-centred care delivery. 

2. Reflect on the skills related to health information systems.

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3. Develop awareness of the transition from students to registered nurses through critical selfreflection.

SILO 3 Organizational structure and culture

1. Rationale: As a graduate nurse, you may not always feel comfortable speaking up when there is a safety concern. It is important to reflect on systemic and personal factors that promote safety culture.

2. Describe a time in your clinical placement as a student nurse where there was a safety concern. How was this dealt with? Were you or other nurses able to speak up forsafety?

3. Analyse what kind of organisational culture makes it possible for you to speak up? What kinds of structure or systems exist in a workplace that makes it possible for you to speak up?

4. Reflect on what role you have as a graduate nurse in speaking up to promote a safety culture? 

SILO 5 Health Informatics 

1. Rationale: The integration of informatics skills into nursing practice is fundamental for nurses at all levels and specialty in the contemporary health care system. It is important for graduate nurses to be a skilled, capable and ethical user of technology, in order to deliver safe and effective care.

2. Describe your experience of using or observing the use of health information system in your clinical placement (e.g. patient browser, patient flow system, Electronic Medical Record [EMR] or other clinical documentation or storage system). 

3. Analyse one enabler or barrier from your clinical experience that influences the effective use of health informatics systems in the nursing environment. Use literature to support your discussion. 

4. Reflect on what role you have as a graduate nurse in the ethical use of health information systems? (action)

SILO 6 Transition To Practice

Rationale: Working as a nurse comes with various challenges. Challenges can come from internal and external elements. While challenges are not necessarily negative, it is important for you to develop professional resilience to be able to have a sustainable and fulfilling nursing career.

1. Analyse one or two challenges reported in literature that graduate nurses face in their transition into the professional workplace.

2. Identify and Reflect on two positive workplace behaviours or attitudes and two self-care strategies that you will employ to maintain your mental and physical well-being in your new role as a registered nurse. (action)