NURS4002 Introduction Of Transitional Nursing Practice


What is STAR and Reflection?


Describe the situation faced and your role. This section does NOT require references as you are describing a situation that is unique to you. This section requires specific details. You are to give enough detail that the reader has a clear understanding of the situation you are describing. Please ensure the details relate to the selection criteria you are addressing


What task/s do you need to perform? Please be specific Please ensure the task details relate to the selection criteria you are addressing Describe any obstacles had to be overcome? (Only if relevant)

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Action- This section requires current literature to support your actions What steps/actions were taken to complete the task? For example resources, people involved. Please make sure you use current literature to support your actions here. You must demonstrate critical thinking in this section. The actions must reflect the selection criteria you are addressing The action that you completed is not to be referenced, as it is completed by you (the student nurse) BUT you must justify why you performed action using current literature in the subsequent sentence.


What was the outcome? How did it change things in the workplace? (Only if relevant)


What did you not do so well? What lessons did you learn from this event? You must demonstrate insight into your practice

What would you do differently next time?

What recommendations do you have for your future practice if you experienced a similar situation again? The recommendations for YOUR future practice must be supported using current literature