NURS425 Nursing Leadership


Readings: For the readings and online activities assigned in the current unit, list the key issues that were addressed.

Include a total of 5 bulleted points for readings and/or online activities. (Worth 1 point each).

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Note: do not do this for each reading/online activity and the discussion board. 

Discuss the relevance of the activities to nursing in 2 to 3 paragraphs.

Reflect on the readings/online activities as a whole.

For our first discussion of the semester, please begin your post with a brief introduction outlining your nursing experience. 

I’m working as travel nurse  you can come up with any example

Describe your experience with nursing informatics thus far in your career.  For some of you, this may include only experiences that you had during clinicals in nursing school, while others of you may describe your experience with informatics in the workplace.