Nursing is demanding, challenging, diverse and rewarding career.

please kindly edit my work is for a competitive nursing school admission.

Nursing is demanding, challenging, diverse and rewarding career. This is a field for service providers with practical skills, flexibility, passion, innovation, and courage. My interest in nursing started at an early age. I envied nurses because of the selfless dedication and passion they have for saving lives. I have interacted with nurses who were family friends, colleagues, and neighbors in the past, listening and witnessing how they provide the professional skills in their line of duty and offer quality health services to humanity. A degree in nursing from UST will be crucial in improving my skill set and career progression. I am cognizant of the challenges that this course presents but I am confident that my dedication and passion will see me through.
Working as a Healthcare assistant in London for three years which is known as a Nursing aide here in the USA has exposed me to different patients and diverse health professionals from all over the world. In my line of duties, patient satisfaction was my ultimate goal because it gave me job satisfaction I never found anywhere all my life. Base on my hard work and dedication to the patient I was moved to a position of patient pathway assistant where I supported all my patients from referral right through to discharge. These placements gave me an opportunity to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds thus cultivation of skills to adapt to a different location since I understand how to interact with different people easily.Based on my self-assessment and my mentor’s comments I realized that I have the necessary personal traits that make me unique, passionate and an able nurse.
Time management is paramount for effective learning. When faced with any learning challenge I will always plan some time to give the problem enough time for a permanent solution. Teamwork is crucial in learning because it yields better results compared to individual work. When faced with learning challenges like understanding concepts, seeking help from students, tutors and the professors will go along way in academic success.
I am a great orator with good mastery of English. Good language abilities also make me be an outstanding nurse. Coupled with the good communication is understanding of different cultures.
My approach to learning entails the belief that learning requires constant support that comes from the leaders in charge of the learning process. The learning process is one of the most interesting things, but with lack of support, it presents certain challenges that may not be handled by the learner. Learners require guidance in all the step of the learning process. Even the best of learners require support for the purpose of instilling confidence and building self-discipline in their line of study. I approach every situation with an open mind. Thus, I am able to gather a lot of information from every situation and learning opportunity. On the other hand, I am a great believer in improving the results of the previous performances. I focus on self-evaluation that is based on self-criticism and criticism from colleagues and client to improve the learning process.
The best personal support for the completion of the nursing degree is the provision nursing practice location for the learners. My work as patient pathway assistant for a year in London is extremely important for self-improvement and development. This is an opportunity for the development of personal and professional skills. The skills learned are important in safeguarding career in the future and providing the best of services to the patients. Transformation of the students into professionals is the greatest goal of education, and this is not possible without an opportunity for the cultivation of the required professional skills.
In conclusion, the nursing practice and learning is bridged by the nursing placement that helps the learning to acquire skills that are required for their profession. I have developed various skills from the simple tasks in the field of practice. Interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds and good communication skills have also helped in elevating my professionalism. I know that good performance is needed in nursing and given the opportunity, I will strive to achieve the best grades. Please see the attached… View the full answer

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