Nursing question


Define vulnerable populations, groups, and individual and social factors leading to vulnerability
Examine ways that public policies affect vulnerable populations and strategies nurses can use to improve the health status and reduce health disparities in these groups.
Define rural, urban, and migrant farmworker and describe the health status and common health problems of these populations, and access to health care services.
Explain the role of the nurse for serving these vulnerable groups.
Describe the social, political, cultural, and environmental factors influencing poverty, the mentally ill, and homelessness, and the effects on health and well-being on individuals, families, and communities.
Describe the ways in which teen pregnancies affect the baby, parents, and their families.
Explain nursing interventions for the prevention of pregnancy problems, at-risk adolescents, the poor and homeless, and the mentally ill
Identify terms, differences, and attitudes about alcohol, tobacco, drug problems, substance abuse, abuse, dependence, and addiction.
Identify major psychoactive drug categories od depressants, stimulants, marijuana, hallucinogens, and inhalants.
Explain the role of the nurse in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and the effect of substance abuse as it relates to individuals and families and the scope of violence in communities and factors that encourage violence and abuse
Identify common predictors of potential child abuse and indicators of its presence, the four general types of child abuse, neglect, physical, emotional, and sexual
Discuss the dynamics and signs of partner abuse, elder abuse, and the nursing role in working with victims/survivors of violence
Discuss the current effect and threats of infectious diseases, HIV, STDs, hepatitis, TB , the elements of the epidemiological triangle, interventions and the multisystem approach to the control of communicable and infectious
Discuss issues related to appropriate levels of immunization, issues and agents associated with foodborne illness and prevention, and identify the groups and behaviors that are at greatest risk
Choose four questions to write about, and include two professional references no later than 5 years


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