Outline for this chapter

Outline for this chapter:
Introduction, body paragraphs and chapter summary.
This chapter is the methodology chapter in the thesis.
In the introduction. Introduce the chapter and the method that has been used in conduction the research. in the body paragraphs present the information provided in this guideline. In the chapter summary, as usually summarize the whole chapter but in brief.
Write 3500 words.
Please write about the method used in conducting this thesis which is mixed method and write about the genres of the presented reading texts in the chapter 4. And write about the scale or methods that have been used in chapter 4 while analyzing the reading texts.
Please define any terms used in the chapters such as lexical density and grammatical intricacy and so on. Write why I conducted research on these topics together, (I wanted to look for the complexity of reading texts provided in Sunrise English textbooks from the aspect of lexical density and grammatical intricacy. And I worked on both topics under one research because I wanted to see the relationship between these two. And because these topics are important aspects of language complexity and readability of reading texts.)
Please introduce the types of complex sentence such as paraticmatic and hypoticmatic in brief1). Also mention that I have not focused and indicating the types of sentence complexity in analyzing texts because the aim of the study is not to find the types of complex sentences but rather is to know the level of complexity of the texts grammatically. also the aim of the study is to looking for the level of the readability of the drawn texts for students of Sunrise textbook curriculum.
Write that the content words are bold to identify the lexical items.
And using vertical lines to identify the complex sentences E.G. 3 vertical lines stand for — and 2 vertical lines stand for – and so on. Provide enough knowledge about this.
Write about the genres of the presented texts which are the first text in Sunrise 12, unit, which talks about New York, its genre is geography.
The second text from Sunrise 12, unit 3, since it talks about Erbil citadel, its genre is geography.
The third text from Sunrise 12, unit 5, its genre is environment.
the forth reading from Sunrise 12, unit 7, its genre is –. (not clear) please indicate.
but because it comes on the order of the units so that the researcher has considered this reading text.

The first reading from Sunrise 11, unit 1, (Come to Kurdistan!) its genre is geography.
The second reading from Sunrise 11, unit 3, its genre is environment.
however it is in the form of dialogue not narrative form, but the researcher has considered it because it shares similar genre of Sunrise 12 reading text.
The first reading from Sunrise 10, unit 5, its genre is geography which talks about universe. (Have you ever looked up?
Space – our new window on the world
The second reading from Sunrise 10, unit 9, its genre is –
The researcher did not consider other provided reading texts in both Sunrise 10 and 11 because they are in the form of dialogue mostly, they did not share even the types of Sunrise 12 reading text’s genres. (this is the reason of not choosing other reading texts within the other units of Sunrise 10 and 12.)
Two things were most important for the researcher to select reading text in the Sunrise textbook, 1. Its form which should be narrative form. 2. Its genre.
but in selecting readings in Sunrise 12, the researcher has selected them in the order of the units which are unit 1, 3, 5 and 7.
Use the following information
In have selected four reading texts in Sunrise 12 based on order sequence which are extracted from unit 1 3 5 and 7. And I have selected 2 readings texts from Sunrise 11 and 2 from Sunrise 10 based on the Sunrise 12 reading text’s genres.
The researcher did not consider the reading texts from unit 2, 4, 6 and 8 because they are not in the form of narrative form and their genres did not share similar reading texts genre within the Sunrise 10 and 11 to help the researcher consider.
I follow Halliday and Ure’s approach because of the following reasons —
Why I choose Halliday approach
1 his method of analyzing is clear and robust.
2 his method is common and used by many researchers
3 he is the best known and founder of English grammar. He is the founder of systemic functional linguistics.
Also explain the formula used in the thesis.
I also have selected and extracted reading texts from Sunrise textbook because Sunrise is used as a primary source for learning English in Kurdistan and also it is a curriculum used in education program in Kurdistan. And the majority of Kurdish students study Sunrise for learning English. The researcher wants to make this research a guidance for any changes to be added in future version of sunrise. And the aim of this research is to give necessary information to the minister of education in Kurdistan and to aware them about the readability of the provided text in the Sunrise English textbook.
Please write more thing like this by addressing ministry of education.
The procedure for collecting data
The researcher has selected Sunrise textbook, has picked the main reading texts within the unit of the textbook because they are main texts in the book and it is a literary task for the students. Students tend to pick up and learn words vocabulary and grammatical structures from these texts. and their genres clear and all of them are in the form of narrative except one. That one which is not in the form of reading but because it shares similar genres of the other texts, the researcher has finally followed that reading as well.
The total texts are 8 reading texts 4 from grade 12, 2 from grade 11 and 2 from grade 10.
The researcher read and analyze the texts based on the ———– methods or approach.
Since Halliday and Ure’s methods are used in the result and discussion chapter, explain their method in this chapter as well. Mention that the result of the will be analyzed based on Halliday or Ure’s approach. Or any other approach.
introduce the subsections by 3.0 3.1 3.2 and so on.
This chapter is chapter three.
If there is something else used while and important for methodology chapter please consider.
please provide details of the research in this chapter.
This chapter should be like a story in which explaining and telling the reasons, the methods adopted, the process of writing and other things conducted during writing this thesis.
All information about this thesis should be included in this chapter.
Please write reasons for any thing needed.
If there is unclear statement of information please let me know.


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