outline the objectives toward a successful mission

Prepare at least three to five bullet points that outline the objectives toward a successful mission of your business. then 2 -complete a SWOT Analysis describing three to five strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that could impact Zenivitys success. then 4 and for multiple choice just write the number of the question and the answer together the assignments will be uploaded and underneath are the guidelines i was given by the assigner, copy & pasted Marketing Plan Case Studies Throughout the course, students will be required to complete four sections of a Marketing plan. Each section will be worth 50 points and will be similar to a case study, given a unique situation and responding in proper written format. Points will be awarded based on thoroughness, accuracy, grammar, and evidence of critical thought. Marketing Plan Case Studies are to be completed online through the Connect Website using the links below. Completion of each assignment is required by the due date specified in the Course Calendar. CASE STUDY PREPARATION POINTERS Students may use the questions as a framework to answer and develop your case assignment. This would also include gathering secondary research. Although your opinion is warranted, it has to be backed by the research findings you include. In addition: 1. Cite secondary sources: LIMIT OPINIONS TO THINGS YOU CAN SUPPORT WITH REFERENCES. Stay away from using terms such as “I think”, “I feel”, or “I believe” without support. Make sure to include your Works Cited page. Remember that writing a marketing case is fundamentally about analyzing a business problem and locating information that can help you solve that problem. This information can be both primary data or secondary data. In any case, personal opinion is not enough. You need to find/include sources in your case. 2. Make sure you draw conclusions. At the college level, the focus shifts from summarizing information to drawing conclusions about what you have read/learned into an actionable plan. That is what the conclusions are about. There are ALWAYS hidden questions that must be answered such as “HOW” and “WHY”. 3. Grammar/style. Please check your papers carefully for punctuation, run-on sentence and sentence fragment errors. You might consider using the online writing center. For a business person in general–and a marketing professional in particular–being able to express your ideas grammatically and clearly is paramount. 4. Case study Format. Case studies should be submitted using the following format: o 2 1/2-4 pages in length. o 12pt font 1-inch side margins o Double Spaced o Standard business English with fewer than 5 grammatical/punctuations errors o APA format is required If you have any questions, contact your instructor. 5. Submission Guidelines. This assignment MUST be submitted IN CONNECT by the time designated on the course calendar. After this time, the assignment will receive zero points. Assignments can always be submitted ahead of time.