Over policing and Broken Windows

Part A – Issue Report

To recap, the issue report is compiled to examine the pertinent issues surrounding an area of social justice concern. Your issue reports should be aimed towards providing any reader a sound understanding of the problem at hand, what the role of government has been in resolving or worsening the problem and what policies the government need to implement or modify to improve the problem. Make sure your issue report incorporates the following considerations:

Does the report have a topic heading which appropriately describes the focus of the report and page numbered?
Can the reader understand what the issue report is about and which geographical area it is focusing on within the first ten lines of your introduction?
If you have a cover page, please do not state the professors name. We have spent weeks working on this project so that you could have a significant writing sample you could use professionally. So leave the professor’s name out of this.
The body of your report is another important area. The reader needs to gain a good understanding of the problem you are writing about. Reader also needs to be able to understand what community advocates who are working on the issue are saying about what needs to be done. You will also need to provide the reader with adequate understanding of the role of government in addressing the problem, or worsening it. The body of the report must also provide the reader with possible policy prescriptions or modifications that can help address the problem. All of the content in the body must be organized in a way that will allow the reader to understand the issues. So read and re-read your paper and try to see to it that anybody can understand with ease.
The conclusion is also very important. You can have two paragraphs or one well-developed paragraph as conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the possible policy prescriptions you have previously explained in the body of the report. Your conclusion is also an area where you can share your own thoughts about whether you are hopeful that government can address the problem you are examining.
Please note that citing of sources/references in your report is very important and one of the ways you could easily lose points, if not careful. You should read your paper carefully as if you were a reader who has no prior knowledge on the problems you are discussing. If an uninformed reader may have a question on any statement or may not believe it, you need to cite a source or remove that statement.

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