Pacer Test Information

Part 1.

Review the Pacer Test Information on the Moodle homepage (and research for any information for

questions you may have on the PACER test). After reviewing all possible resources, answer the

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corresponding questions.

Do you think the PACER heart rate test accurately assesses aerobic capacity? Why or why not?

What are some advantages or disadvantages of using this test to estimate aerobic capacity?

Part 2.

Calculate your target heart rate range between 50 and 85% effort using the following steps:

Measure your resting heart rate using either your carotid or radial pulse. The carotid pulse is felt next to

the larynx, beneath the lower jaw. The radial pulse is felt on the inside of the wrist, directly in line with

the base of the thumb. Use a timer to count for 15, 30, and 60 seconds. To determine your heart rate in

beats per minute (bpm), multiple your 15-second count by 4, your 30-second count by 2, and your 60-

second count by 1. Record your resting pulse in bpm below.


15 seconds × 4 =

30 seconds × 2 =

60 seconds × 1 =



Determine your maximal HR using: HRmax = 206.9 − (0.67 × age)


HRmax =



Calculate your target heart rate (THR) at 50% effort using: THR = 0.5 × (HRmax − resting HR) + resting HR


50% THR =



Calculate your target heart rate (THR) at 80% effort using: THR = 0.8 × (HRmax − resting HR) + resting HR



Predict at least 2 separate activities that will put you into your target heart rate zone and list them here.

Perform one of the activities listed above that you predict will result in your target heart rate zone while

monitoring your heart rate using the carotid or radial pulse. How did your heart rate predictions match

with your actual heart rate following the activity?

Do you think that heart rate prediction tools are accurate and useful? Why or why not?