Pathophysiological Discussion on BIPOLAR



Pathophysiological Discussion: One scholarly article must be cited using APA format in this section. The textbook may also be used as a secondary source. The reference list should be included with the summary of the article.

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Discuss the etiology of the patient’s illness:


Also note the complications that may occur with treatments and patient’s overall prognosis:


Attach a research article pertaining to diagnosis of patient. Write a summary about the article below and include a reference list:




· Create a reference page using six peer-reviewed or otherwise reputable references you have found for your project (OBESITY) The reference list should be in APA format. Make sure that:


· Title the page References, centered at the top.

· References follow the APA formatting for that type of reference (most will follow the article in a periodical format).

· References are in alphabetical order in relation to each other. Do not change the order of authors for any of your references!

· Use a hanging indentation format (available as an option if you choose Format while the reference is highlighted).