Patient education

Recall 4-month-old Kendra and her parents from the opening scenario, who came to the health center for Kendra’s immunizations and health assessment. Kendra’s growth and development are occurring as anticipated. Kendra has previously received the following vaccines two doses of HepB, and one dose each of DTaR IPV, Hib, RV, and PC.

1.       Which vaccines should Kendra receive today? When See Pearson Nursing Student Resources for possible repo should she return for the next needed vaccines?

2.        What are the nurse’s responsibilities before giving Kendra her needed  vaccines?

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3.       What are some potential methods to reduce the pain  associated with immunizatons? 4.What preparation should the health center have in case Kendra has a serious allergic reaction to a given vaccine?

5, What patient education should be given to Kendra’s  parents about the expected reactions to the given Vaccine?