Persepolis – Synthesis



For your final project, you are tasked with acting as a novice film scholar, by demonstrating critical thought and
analysis in a well-written and concise essay (900-1200 words) and presentation (4-5 mins) that employs your
understanding of our course readings and discussions throughout the semester, and how they apply to a
particular film. This is your opportunity to bring together everything we have discussed throughout the
You will be randomly assigned a feature film (Persepolis (2007)), and you will then conduct an in-depth
synthesis, similar to the one outlined in Chapter 12 which offers a concrete example of an analytical synthesis
of Citizen Kane. While you will be required to make solid connections to our course text, your synthesis must
follow the I-SAPES model – in addition to tying everything in with the general concept of “movement.”
For the ease and clarity of writing and reading, please organize your essay into sub-chapters corresponding to
the respective categories, by breaking it down with each specific title. Your writing should reflect an academic
essay that provides a brief overview, as well as an in-depth critical analysis of a significant cinematic
contribution to the Art of Film.

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