Personal and Professional Development

Prepare a report on the enclosed:

·        Leadership and power

·        Cultural impact on Leadership

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·        Discuss Mittal and Elias’ (2016) findings and their implications (Link Enclosed in the assessment guideline)

To pass you need to:

·        Demonstrate understanding of different cultural dimensions, their regularity and variability and their impact on behavior at workplace

·        Communicate broad and critically evaluated knowledge using academic conventions

Structure of the report should the followings:

·        A brief introduction, summarizing what the focus of the paper you are reviewing and how you will develop the paper

·        A main part: This is your critical review. (You might find it useful to refer to the lecture slides on report writing which may help you organize your ideas for this section).

·        Conclusion: A brief summary of the points you have made throughout your paper and your overall assessment of the article.

·        References section which should be Harvard style


PS…. Everything should be paraphrased and no plagiarism or else I will fail