Persuasive Speech Assignment

Persuasive Speech Assignment
In this speech you will try to convince your audience to volunteer some of their time to one of the many worthwhile community service projects or non-profit public service organizations featured in the Volunteer Match website, in which at last count there were over 100 organizations looking for volunteers (
You may assume that you are acting as a representative of one of those organizations. Your task will be to deliver an extemporaneous 5-minute persuasive speech (plus or minus 15 seconds), in which you will convince your audience to volunteer for community service in the organization you are representing, by using the Monroe Motivated Sequence (study the handouts) as your persuasive method. Speech score is subject to a 71⁄2 point penalty for each 15-second segment under 4:45. Speeches under 3:30 may not qualify for a grade.
You will first select a public service project from an organization in the web site above. You may search more specifically by area of interest. For example, you may type in key words, such as “pets,” “children,” “homeless,” etc. in the search box. Otherwise, you can just go through the pages. When you find one organization you like, click on it to learn who, what, where, when… If it’s not listed there, then access the organization’s web page for more information about the organization, their activities, and the population they serve (exactly who do they serve, how do they serve them, why do they need volunteers..?).
In addition to the organization’s web page, you will need to find at least three solid sources in support of your main points (problem and solution), to convince the audience that this is a serious and immediate problem (solid statistical data, etc.). You may also consider news articles about the organization you chose and its efforts, (what do other reliable sources have to say about the organization), cited in correct MLA style. The Miami Herald database may be a good resource for those local articles, and you will find it in the MDC Library databases under “news and current events”.
Persuasive Speech Sample Outline
Joanne Rodriguez SPC 1017 T-R 12:40 March 20, 2021 Persuasive Speech
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to volunteer some of their time to the Humane Society.
I. Introduction
A. Should not every pet have a home, instead of roaming the streets..? B. Thesis and purpose:
1. Humane Society and their important work.
2. I trust everyone here will volunteer to help. C. In the next few minutes I will be telling you about:
1. The problem we have with abandoned pets.
2. How together we can help solve that problem.
3. And the positive results that will come out of that.
(Make a LONG PAUSE and TRANSITION to the body (for my first point I will tell you about…)
II. Body of Speech – Main Points (Don’t forget to cite your references throughout the body) A. First, I will tell you about the need/problem.
1. Some pet owners cannot keep their pets anymore
2. More dogs are now being abandoned (cite data and source) 3. The Humane Society’s resources are overstretched
Make a PAUSE and insert a TRANSITION from first to second main point (next, second…)
B. Second/next, I will explain the solution.
1. The Humane Society depends on volunteers.
2. You don’t need any special skills; you will be trained. 3. The focus is on finding them homes, and you can help.
PAUSE and insert a TRANSITION from second to third main point (finally, for my third point…)
C. Third/finally, I will talk about the future
1. Instead of being abandoned, those pets can have a home.
2. We will not have sick dogs roaming that pose a health threat. 3. You will have the satisfaction of saving a dog.
Insert a LONG PAUSE and TRANSITION to conclusion (in conclusion, to sum up…)
III. Conclusion
1. I have explained the problem, the solution, and the future… 2. I will now hand out volunteer applications…
3. Shouldn’t everyone have a home? So, let’s help…
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“Volunteer: Lend a Hand to Help a Paw!” Humane Society of Greater Miami, n.d. Web. 30 March 2012. article&id=13&Itemid=24.
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