Pharmacy Reflection


Reflection Paper Instructions


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  • Write a 3-5 page paper that describes a conflict or disorienting dilemma from your experience that involved health care providers from one or more health care fields. Choose a scenario that relates to all of the questions listed below.
    • What have I learned about the four IPEC competencies that will influence the way I will practice in the future?
    • What have I learned about the other health profession(s) that I have interacted with?
    • What have I been able to teach other health professionals about my profession?
    • What barriers have I identified in myself that must be overcome in order to effectively practice interprofessional care?
  • Address each of the questions above in the essay. Link your answers to the scenario you described, as much as possible.
  • Write your essay at the level defined as Critical Reflection according to the REFLECT rubric (see below). The grading rubric requires a detailed description of the dilemma, thoughtful application of relevant concepts, active reflective expression, comments about the emotional impact, and evaluation of the meaning and importance of the conclusions.
  • Upload the document to the portal as a Word document, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, 3-5 pages, double-spaced.



Grading is based on the REFLECT rubric (see above)

Criterion Non-Reflection Thoughtful Reflection Critical Reflection Total
Writing Spectrum 0 12-14 15-16 17-18 /18
Presence 0 12-14 15-16 17-18 /18
Description of conflict 0 12-14 15-16 17-18 /18
Attending to emotions 0 12-14 15-16 17-18 /18
Analysis and meaning 0 12-14 15-16 17-18 /18
Follow instructions, Answer all questions 0 7 8 9-10 /10
Overall grade for Reflection paper /100