A philosophy is the way we see ourselves as DNP-prepared scholars and leaders. This philosophy guides our actions, our behaviors, and our thoughts. One’s philosophy is influenced by external and internal forces. Leadership philosophies change as you grow to understand yourself within the context of leading, innovation and scholarship. Creating or finding your leadership philosophy means that you must explore and reflect upon your personal and professional values, assumptions, and beliefs about doctoral level leadership.
After reviewing your text and required readings to date, the AACN (2006) DNP Essentials II and
VIII, the Bondas (2006) article, Drinion (2014) article and leadership development criteria and
Suntiva’s (2015) Ten Questions to Identify Your Leadership Philosophy, write your philosophy of DNP innovation and scholarly leadership that will guide your future (and current) advanced nursing practice. Using APA (2009) *formatting, the paper is limited to 5 pages (excluding title page and references) and should include a/n:

Short and concise nursing leadership philosophy title 2. Description of your leadership philosophy including:
the foundational leadership theory
characteristics of your philosophy
qualities and skills attributed to your philosophy
most important influences
Application to advanced nursing practice
Application to the DNP Essentials II and VIII

*Minimal APA style and formatting includes:

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Running head
Title page
Introduction (an abstract is not required)
Body of paper with appropriate levels of headings
Matching in-text citations to References list
References list



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